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How To Buy Quality Fruit Trees


In autumn and spring, many fruit trees and shrubs are available for sale. Besides ordinary fruit trees, there you can buy stepover apple trees. This will keep you from cheating the “benevolent” salespeople. Well, if this is not possible, heed our advice!

So where do you start?

If you have decided to buy fruit trees, then before going shopping, you should already decide on the spot to plant each seedling. When choosing varieties of fruit trees and shrubs, it is necessary to take into account the topography of the planting place and the climatic characteristics of your region. If your spot is located on a slope, this is an indispensable place for grapes.

In the lowland, cherries, pears, and apple trees take root well. Peaches, cherries, apricots, and quince prefer sunny and level places. When planning a garden, it should be borne in mind that it is forbidden to plant plants closer than 3 meters from neighbors’ plots.

What are the best varieties to plant?

According to the ripening time, fruit tree varieties are divided into late-ripening, mid-ripening, and early-ripening. Therefore, before buying, you should decide which varieties you want to plant. The desire of gardeners to enjoy the fruits of their labors is understandable, but it is not advisable to plant more than 1 tree of early ripening varieties. Because this is quite enough to satisfy the body with the first vitamins. Unfortunately, the fruits of early varieties spoil quickly. So, you have planned the site, decided how many and what varieties you will buy, and now it’s time to go shopping.

How to choose the right seedlings?

When buying seedlings, pay special attention to the root system, which must be vibrant and strong enough. It is important to immediately pay attention to the condition of the seedling trunk. It should be even, without sagging and wounds.

Tree planting time

In early spring, seedlings quickly take root and grow well: cherries, apricots, peaches, quince, and all berries. Plants are planted in pits, which are dug deeper than the length of the plant roots. The root system is straightened and evenly sprinkled with loosened and moist soil mixed with organic fertilizers.

During the summer period, the seedlings take root and tolerate winter frosts well. In late autumn, apple, pear, and plum seedlings are usually planted. After planting, a slightly deepened circle is made around the seedling, which is tamped tightly and watered abundantly with water. Well, that’s all we wanted to advise you on the correct choice and planting of seedlings.

How to choose healthy and good varieties in such a large mass? It is advisable to make a purchase in specialized stores or nurseries for example on this CRJ Fruit Trees website.

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