Electric Bikes: An Alternative Transportation Method?

Swytch - the leader in electric bike kits


There is a new way of getting places, and it involves a bike. An ebike conversion kit helps turn your bike into an ebicycle, which will enable you to go farther with less effort. What’s good about it is you can convert any bike into an electric bicycle, and you won’t even notice the difference. So let’s take a look at the specifics of how a bike can be converted into an ebike with an electric bike kit.

The Ebike Conversion Kit

The electric bike kit can turn any bike into an ebike, and the added weight is barely noticeable since your bike will be carrying you, not the other way around. As a result, you can easily climb steep gradients without exerting extra effort to breathe, and you would be able to go faster.

The conversion kit includes a motor and a controller, a battery, a pedal sensor, a user display, and several cables to fit onto your bike. The entire kit approximately adds about three kilos to your bike, but the added power makes up for it.

One example of a high-quality conversion kit is the Swytch Bike eBike Kit, developed by two engineers and is now being used widely in Europe. And believe me this kits is an obvious leader as it has no real competitors other then the Chinese no-name ebike kits that are of poor quality.

Many Europeans use bicycles to transport themselves around their cities, and most use it as their primary mode of transportation. Swytch Bike has been providing the UK and the rest of the world with a way to convert their bike into an ebike with their handy conversion kit, and they already have about 3000 kits released worldwide.

Having a bike means lessening your carbon footprint by avoiding vehicles that emit gas and carbon dioxide. In addition, having an electric bike means that your transportation will be fully environmentally friendly. The ease of having an ebike will make you want never to ride a car or a train again since it’s so easy to use and maintain.


Turning your bike into an ebike is a great idea since you will contribute to the earth’s general welfare by lessening your carbon emissions. It’s a mutually beneficial decision since you can go places faster and climb higher with your converted bike. Plus, you would be saving the environment by doing so.

Suppose you want to make the switch, you can search for an ebike kit that suits you but if you want the best kit at the moment head on over to Swytch Bike website and get your ebike conversion kit. They’re one of the best providers of conversion kits for bikes, and you’d be wise to make the change sooner than later.

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